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Level 2. June 21
Level 1. July 18
Level 2. July 19

Training for professional distributors

At our training can participate every technically gifted person. Herewith you can make stretch ceiling assembly to your main activity after a short time. But you can also build a second income. Training for the professional distributor gives your customers a feeling of safety and professionalism.

The trainings by our qualified project managers and technitionals take place in our classrooms (Jusiweg 10, 73734 Esslingen / near Stuttgart). We offer stretch ceilings courses for beginners as well for advanced installers. In just one day you will gain theoretical and practical knowledge of selling, planning and assembling of a stretch ceilings.


Each seminar participant will receive a certificate of Saros Design. You will also be an official trading partner of Saros Design Germany.


Level 1. Beginner Training (Duration 1 day), price – 500 EUR exclude VAT * .

  • General information about Saros Design
  • General Introduction “Stretch ceilings”
  • Textures of stretch ceilings
  • Mounting profiles
  • Surveying an area
  • Introduction to the Software “Saros Designer 2”
  • Prepare a drawing for the stretch ceiling
  • Preparation of a stretch ceiling mounting (theoretical and practical part)
  • Installation of a stretch ceiling (theoretical and practical part)
  • Installation of lighting spots (theoretical and practical part)
  • Performing a simple repair (theoretical and practical part)

Level 2 Advanced Training (Duration 1 day), price – 500 EUR exclude VAT * .

  • Stretch ceilings in a big areas
  • Printed stretch ceilings
  • Multi-level stretch ceilings
  • Lighting ceilings
  • Indirect edge lighting
  • Stretch ceilings with starry sky effect
  • Perforated stretch ceilings: Saros Design Comfort
  • Wavy Stretch ceilings
  • Mounting tension ceiling to roof slopes
  • Assembly technology for large lighting and other ceiling elements

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