Acoustic ceilings

Acoustic stretch ceilings are in demand in apartment buildings with good audibility. They are particularly relevant for bedrooms, children’s rooms and home theatres, where extraneous noise is most noticeable. In addition, special technologies help to eliminate noise in large spacious rooms with a small amount of furniture, for example, in studios.

Acoustic stretch ceilings are made of PVC film as well as polyester fabric. The material texture can be glossy, matt and satin. The main difference from other types of ceilings, which provides acoustic insulation properties, is the presence of fine perforation throughout the surface.

What are acoustic stretch ceilings?

Acoustic stretch ceilings are installed and maintained in the same way as conventional ones. Fine holes in the sheet are practically invisible to the eye, and therefore will not affect the design much.

The properties of ceilings, thanks to which it is possible to eliminate unwanted noise, can be explained very simply. A small airspace transforms a sound wave into thermal energy, and as a result, the volume fades away.

The quality of the material depends on different parameters:

  • The size of the holes in the film;
  • Intervals between recesses;
  • Height of the stretch ceiling (distance from the surface of the mounting web to the original surface);
  • Thickness of the film.

Type 1 micro-perforated stretch-ceilings

  • Diameter of holes = 0.1mm
  • Distance between the holes, A = B = 2mm
  • Quantity of holes per 1 sq. m = 250 000
  • PVC film thickness = 0.17mm

Acoustic stretch ceilings will help to make any room quiet and cozy. To increase the noise absorbing effect, be sure to pay attention to the wall finish. A comprehensive approach to the issue will help to achieve maximum results.

Comparing acoustic stretch ceilings with other analogues, it can be noted that they have a great variety of design solutions. The choice of color and design options will emphasize the individuality of the interior and create your own unique style.

Often, when ordering acoustic stretch ceilings, they are combined with a surface in the form of a starry sky, which is perfectly combined with the perforation. This is the best option for the bedroom and children’s room.

Stretch ceilings in any version have a long service life, and therefore will be indispensable in a private home or apartment, as well as in commercial premises. By choosing acoustic stretch ceilings, you combine sophisticated appearance and comfort. Loyal prices for materials from leading manufacturers will help to design a room in accordance with modern trends.

Stretch ceiling in the spa
Stretch ceiling in a sports club
Stretch ceiling in the nursery
Stretch ceiling in the living room

Create a unique design with Saros Design acoustic stretch ceilings

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