Stretch ceilings by Saros Design  give existing or newly constructed rooms a totally new and fresh look. Stretch ceiling is simply fastened into special fastening profiles for walls or ceiling. You can choose and create your ceiling from numerous colors, shapes, surfaces and pictures for printing. The canvas of the ceiling will retain its color and quality for many years to come. We also give a 10 years warranty for our every ceiling.

The all-time advantage of Saros Design stretch ceilings is the minimum loss in the height of a ceiling – the loss can be diminished up to 3 cm from the actual ceiling. Thus, the height of the ceiling will be almost equal to the actual height of the room. Therefore, there is no need to deconstruct the ceiling, for example, an old wooden one. The old ceiling will be just covered by the new Saros Design ceiling. This will save both your money and time.

Saros Design stretch ceilings can also be fastened in bathrooms. Ceilings are impenetrable for steam and no condencate will form on its surface.

PVC film for our stretch ceilings are certified according to CE requirements, their breaking point is up to 100kgs per sq. m, they are fire resistant (flammability class B1) and absolutely harmless. That is why Saros Design stretch ceilings can be fastened in kitchens, at medical facilities and in sports centers.

Advantages in detail:

  • More than 160 various colors and textures
  • Any picture can be printed on the film of a ceiling
  • Multilevel ceiling (3D-ceiling)
  • Wide variety of lighting elements
  • Acoustic stretch ceiling and perforated stretch ceiling
  • Stretch ceiling with the effect of starry sky
  • Short production and delivery time
  • 10 years warranty
  • CE and ISO certificates in accordance with DIN and EN standards

We will be happy to offer you a consultation and prepare an individual commercial offer. All you need is simply to call us or send an inquiry to our e-mail address. We will make an appointment with you at our office, where we also have a showroom with examples of our product, or at your home if it is more convenient for you.
Stretch ceilings by Saros Design at PRIVATE HOUSE