Stretched ceilings with photo print are a good way to follow fashion without losing their uniqueness. Due to the variety of possible options, you can use this technique in any room, from a large living room to a cosy bedroom. The print looks good on lacquered, satin and matt ceilings, on a luminous surface. The main thing is to take into account the existing structure and choose a suitable colour.

Would you like anything special?

If you are bored with minimalism and want something special, stretch ceilings help with a photo print to add color to the most ordinary interiors and make them unique.

PVC film with a pattern is completely safe. Ecological paints are used in the material processing, which have no foreign smell. At the same time, stretch ceilings with photo print are resistant to all kinds of damage:

  • The material is insensitive to moisture.
  • The polymer ink does not fade in sunlight.

Various methods of photo printing are popular:

  • Ultraviolet. The ink is dried under special radiation. The picture is instantly imprinted into the material. It is mainly used for matt and satin ceilings.
  • Solvent. The picture is obtained by mixing the solvent of the same name with the dyestuff. Drying is carried out by means of fans.
  • Ecosolvent. More expensive method, characterized by improved quality of consumables.

Any image of your choice

You can choose from a wide variety of ceiling images. For classic interiors it is appropriate to place neutral patterns in the corners of the room: it can be floral motifs or neutral patterns. In the children’s room, you can let your imagination run wild: bright abstract patterns, a cartoon story, photographs and even reproductions of paintings will look interesting. For the bedroom will be suitable stretch ceilings with photo print in the form of starry sky, as well as any unobtrusive patterns and photographs in pastel colors. Ceilings imitating the sky with clouds have gained great popularity. If there are panoramic windows, this solution looks especially spectacular.

Competent designers will help not to get confused among the variety of existing options and design stretch ceilings with photographic printing in such a way that they look harmoniously and do not look intrusive. If you have your own ideas, it is best to discuss them with a specialist who will help you implement them in the best possible way.

Long lifetime

Stretch ceilings with photo-printing, like all their other varieties, will last for years to come. For 15-25 years, you will not need to change anything.

Maintenance of the ceilings is extremely simple: it is enough to wipe them from time to time with a cloth with a special tool. As the material has an antistatic effect, the film does not attract dust and does not serve as a source of air pollution.

Stretch ceiling with photo printing in the company’s office
Stretch ceiling with photo print in the wedding hall
Stretch ceiling with photo printing in a cafe
Stretch ceiling with photo print in the children’s room

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