Perforated ceilings

Perforated stretch ceilings are one of the most interesting fashion trends in interior design.

This design is a multi-level fabric, the lower part of which is filled with holes of different diameters. The design depends entirely on your tastes and preferences: it can be either a distinct pattern or a chaotic arrangement of fragments.

3D stretch ceilings are made of PVC film with different textures: matt, varnish or satin. With the help of a game with flowers and lighting it is possible to create the most bizarre patterns.

Depending on the version, perforated stretch ceilings can easily fit into any style from classic to modern. Suitable accessories and furniture can be used to add accents. This solution will help to emphasize your individuality and create an exclusive interior that will set the right mood.

In addition to aesthetically pleasing appearance, perforated stretch ceilings have a number of features:

  • Openwork ceilings provide good air circulation, and therefore are ideal for use in rooms with high humidity.
  • The fabric is not afraid of drafts and pressure drops.
  • The ceilings do not absorb foreign odours and are completely safe for health. Modern materials are environmentally friendly and meet all necessary requirements.
  • The film has an antistatic effect and therefore will not provoke dust accumulation in the room.
  • The presence of qualitatively executed perforation does not affect the strength of the structure in any way compared to conventional stretch ceilings.
  • The material does not require special care and for a long time retains its original color, not dull under the influence of sunlight.
  • It is possible to combine different types of ceilings and different textures. An experienced designer will tell you how to bring to life the most unusual ideas.
  • Perforated stretch ceilings can be installed within one day. For a competent specialist, the work is not very difficult. In some cases, additional work will be required with the lighting system wiring.
  • The presence of holes in the ceiling provides noise absorbing properties of the ceiling. This will be relevant both in large commercial premises and in apartment buildings with high levels of audibility and frequent extraneous sounds.

Stretch ceilings with openings provide a wide range of lighting options:

  • Conventional suspended chandeliers. They fit perfectly into the classic room design and can be either a single light source or a complement to other elements.
  • Spotlights. Adjustable beam direction will create the most comfortable atmosphere and adjust the brightness in different areas of the room.
  • Luminous dynamic system. Depending on the ceiling design, it simulates water, sunset and other moving effects. This choice will be most relevant for children’s rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Interesting lighting will help you relax and tune in to rest.
  • Diode tapes. Colorful stripes emphasize the intricate pattern, fully repeating the outline of the image.
  • The starry sky. The miniature luminaires are placed in such a way as to give the appropriate effect.
  • Thanks to the wide range and possibility of individual approach, everyone can find the most suitable design by choosing perforated stretch ceilings.
Stretch ceiling in the spa
Stretch ceiling in a sports club
Children’s room
Stretch ceiling in the living room

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