Multi-level stretch ceilings

Unique quality of stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are gradually conquering the construction market thanks to their unique qualities: long service life, perfectly smooth surface, high installation speed and flood protection. They are unpretentious in maintenance and have a long service life. In addition to their practicality, the aesthetic appearance of the ceilings and the opportunity to experiment with design are important factors. A striking example of such experiments are multi-level stretch ceilings, which allow you to show your fantasy to the full.

Multi-level stretch ceilings are a construction of two or more cloths, placed at different heights. They are attached to a special frame, which sets the desired shape. Thus it is possible to arrange a ceiling of any complexity. The most popular option is the structure of two levels, as each subsequent level slightly reduces the height of the walls.

Previously, such structures were made of drywall, however, this material is more capricious in work and serves not as long as multi-level stretch ceilings. Over time, cracks appear on it. In addition, the installation process will be more time-consuming and time-consuming. Installation of stretch ceilings will take no more than two days, while it will take a week to produce an analogue of drywall.

Individual solution and unique style

Like ordinary PVC-film ceilings, they can have different textures: lacquered, satin, glossy. A wide range of colors will allow you to choose an interesting combination that will suit your interior. In addition, it is possible to combine several textures in one room, thus emphasizing the necessary moments. Multilevel stretch ceilings will look interesting if you combine monochrome film with an area in which photo printing will be applied. Individual solutions will emphasize your unique style and make any interior complete.

One of the important features that multi-level stretch ceilings do well is space zoning. This can be relevant for a large kitchen, where you need to allocate a dining and cooking area, or for a bedroom with a separate rest area. You can emphasize the desired effect with the right lighting. The right brightness of the lamps will create a comfortable environment and adjust the level of electricity consumption.

Multi-level stretch ceilings provide an ideal ceiling even in the presence of ugly beams and joints, hide wires and other communications. All you need to do is simulate the appropriate design.

When installing multi-level stretch ceilings, choose only a proven organization for cooperation, so the work requires a certain level of skill. When creating a project and conducting measurements need special accuracy. Only then will the finished fabric meet your expectations.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery
Stretch ceiling in the pool
Stretch ceiling in a beauty salon
Stretch ceiling in the pool

Individual solutions underline your individual style and round off every interior

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