Starry sky ceiling

Great scope for imagination

Stretch ceilings starry sky – an unusual solution for the bedroom or children’s room. This design technique is fascinating and soothing, provides room for imagination. It is universal and fits into any style without problems.

For the production of the ceiling used different textures of the film: matte, glossy or satin. The design can have a simple or multilayer structure as desired by the customer.

The desired effect is achieved by means of illumination, which imitates stars, comets and constellations. With the help of LEDs and fiber optic it is possible to create a surface with glowing and shimmering effect. Optionally, you can create abstract patterns or draw clear contours for all known constellations.

There are several technologies with which the stretch ceilings of the starry sky are created. The first one is based on the work of luminous fibre-optic filaments, regulated by a light generator. The second is the fixation of small Swarowski crystals at the ends of the threads, which are used to diffuse light. This solution is particularly realistic and can simulate stars of different sizes.

Different flicker effects

By installing stretch ceilings in the starry sky, you can choose between different effects: constant light flow, uniform glow, light shades, flickering. The right combination of technologies makes it possible to achieve maximum realism.

Stretchy starry sky ceilings are mounted using two levels. The first one contains guiding elements, the second one contains the ceiling itself. The height of the constructions reaches five to seven centimetres. Unlike other options, the starry sky creates the illusion of a high ceiling and visually increases the area of the room.

Stretch ceilings starry sky at least 10 years, after which you may need to replace the optical fiber. In maintenance such ceilings are unpretentious: the material has antistatic effect and therefore does not accumulate dust. It is enough to wipe the cloth from time to time with a wet sponge treated with a special solution. At work of illumination completely there is no heating that allows not to worry about safety.

Photo printing and starry sky

Usually, when choosing stretch ceilings starry sky, combine them with the corresponding photo print. In this way it is possible to enhance the desired effect and make the design of the room more interesting.

Experimenting with textures and possible design options, with the help of experienced specialists you can create a unique interior design that will delight you for many years.

Starry sky in the nursery
Starry sky in spa
Starry sky in the pool
Starry sky in a recreation area

Create a unique interior design that will delight you for many years

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