Matt - and satin ceilings

Matt stretch ceilings and satin ceilings look more elegant and distinctive than the lacquered ones. At first glance, there is no big difference between them, but it is from the minor nuances and play of light depends on the atmosphere of the room and the overall style of rooms.

Matt stretch ceilings are more usual, as they resemble a well plastered surface. In contrast, this finish will last much longer and will require a minimum of care. With its antistatic effect, the material will not allow excessive accumulation of dust. It is enough to wipe it occasionally with a special tool.

Some moments of tension ceiling installation

In addition, the installation process will take much less time. In old rooms, where a large amount of work needs to be done before plastering to level the surface, it is easier and more economical to use a PVC film. If there is no guarantee that there will be no cracks or repairs in the standard finish, the film will never cause such problems.

The elegance of the mat and satin stretch ceiling

Without attracting excessive attention, matt stretch ceilings allow you to focus on interior design. This solution will be ideal for a classic interior or minimalist style. If you plan to buy a large chandelier with pretentious details or like bright furniture – also without hesitation, choose a matte texture.

Another advantage of a matt surface is the most accurate reproduction of the desired shade. By eliminating glare, you can be sure that the colour will not be distorted.

Satin ceilings will accentuate your flawless taste and are the perfect choice for those who are tired of routine and want something special. Unlike glossy, they do not look flashy. At the same time, the interior will not look boring and everyday. Light reflections will visually expand the space and create the illusion of glow. At the same time, the objects in the room will not be reflected.

Like other possible textures, satin ceilings are made of PVC film. The material in this case is smooth and satin glossy. Having a great resemblance to expensive fabric ceilings, analogues based on film are more available for most customers. At the same time, they are noticeably more practical and durable as they are not afraid of moisture and do not require frequent cleaning.

The Saros Design team will do whatever you want

A wide range of colours will satisfy the most extraordinary wishes and allow you to show your imagination. Playing with shapes and choosing the right lighting will help you to diversify your design.

An important feature of such ceilings will be the ability to change the color depending on the light source and its intensity. In the evening, when bright artificial lighting is used, the shade of the surface becomes more delicate, loses its saturation, emphasizing the comfort.

Due to its unique properties, satin is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms, where it is important to keep a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Matt stretch ceiling in the spa center
Stretch ceiling with photo print

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