Lacquered stretch ceilings

Lacquered stretch ceilings are the most popular type of interior design. Due to their high retroreflective properties they visually add space, make the room lighter and more refined.

Nowadays, lacquered stretch ceilings are available in many designs. Colors of PVC film can be any and will perfectly fit into the most unusual interior. Modification of the ceiling can be easily matched to the overall style.

Quick installation combined with spectacular design solutions make the lacquered stretch ceilings universal. Despite this, before making the final choice, you should take into account some nuances:
This texture is the ideal solution for small rooms and will blend harmoniously into the bathroom or kitchen. The extra volume will make you feel free and at ease.

Even the most boring interiors can be transformed by photo printing. You can choose your favorite option from the ready-made catalogue, as well as model something individual to your taste.

Lacquered stretch ceilings can be easily made more interesting by using several levels. You can play with light and flowers by equipping them with actual luminaires. Experienced designers will advise you on the most spectacular options and help you choose the best one based on individual preferences and room characteristics.

Keep in mind that the height of walls will be reduced by 5-7 centimetres if there is only one level. This is important when ordering large furniture such as wardrobes. With low ceilings, several levels may not be appropriate.

Installing stretch ceilings will save you time and money: traditional finishes can sometimes be much more expensive and troublesome. Varnished stretch ceilings will be installed within a few hours. At the same time, the work will not cause discomfort: there will be practically no dust during installation.
Remember that the lacquered stretch ceilings reflect everything underneath them. Think carefully about the interior. This fact is particularly important for filming dark colours. It practically turns into a mirror, highlighting all the pros and cons of space design.

The lacquer texture is presentable and also works as an antistatic. There is practically no need to treat the surface and take care of it.

The lacquered stretch ceilings from leading manufacturers are completely environmentally friendly: they do not release toxic substances, as well as prevent the emergence and spread of mold and fungi.

Making the right choice, which will harmoniously fit into the overall concept of home, you will get rid of the need for renovation for many years: the ceilings for many years will retain a presentable appearance and emphasize your taste.

lacquered stretch ceiling
lacquer stretch ceiling in the spa center
lacquered stretch ceiling
lacquered stretch ceiling in the banquet hall

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