Stretch ceilings as a decorating material are becoming more and more popular. Saros Design Group carries out design, production and distribution of stretch ceilings, fastening systems and lighting solutions and as of today Saros Design Group is among the leading suppliers in this sphere. Saros Design offers its clients design and professional fastening of stretch and illuminated ceilings.

Stretch ceiling is used both during the construction of new buildings and during the renovation works in old ones. It is a simple and stylish way to improve any interior. Today people often get stretch ceilings fastened in private houses and apartments. Stretch ceilings and lighting constructions are rather popular in commercial sector, for instance, shopping centers, car dealer centers and medical premises.

Stretch ceiling is a great way to design ceiling.Only innovative materials are used for the production of such ceilings. The development progress of stretch ceilings produced by the company is mainly based on wide know-how experience of Saros Design Group. Besides Saros Design ceilings comprise an excellent quality-to-price ratio.

Saros Design employees are always ready to help our partners and clients with their words and deeds. In our relationships with partners we focus on such values as professionalism, outspokenness, honesty and transparency.

Step into the diverse, entertaining and modern world of stretch ceilings and lighting solutions of Saros Design Group!

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