Stretch ceilings Day & night

Among all the variety of ceilings, one of the most unusual is the stretch ceilings day and night. The canvas has two different colors, which are applied by a special method.
One drawing (day) is placed on the front side, and the second (night) – on the reverse. The decorative elements will be displayed alternately depending on whether the LED illumination is on.

When the lighting is off, the day/night stretched ceilings show a picture on the front side of the canvas. The working backlighting shifts the emphasis to the image on the back side.

The ceilings can be combined from any texture: lacquer, glossy and satin. Printing is carried out on white as well as on coloured canvas. The cost of such work will be calculated separately for different areas depending on the area of drawings and other wishes of clients.

Stretch ceilings day and night will be an excellent option for decorating living rooms, children’s rooms and bedrooms, where you have to spend most of the time. Thanks to the change of images it will be possible to bring variety to the interior and emphasize this or that atmosphere.

Choosing stretch ceilings day and night, try to give preference to brighter images as daytime and more subdued for evening time. In this case, the evening picture will not be intrusive and will help you tune in to rest.

One spectacular option, in which the stretch ceilings day and night will always look appropriate, is a variation on the theme of the sky. Clouds will be relevant during the day, and at night – the moon and stars. An experienced designer will demonstrate the most interesting ways of design and will help you choose the one that will harmoniously fit into your interior.

Day-night stretched ceilings, like all other types of stretch ceilings, are quickly mounted and have a long service life. The material from which they are made, has antistatic effect and therefore does not require frequent maintenance. It is enough to wipe the ceiling from time to time with a sponge soaked in a special solution.

If you want to diversify the interior, adding to it an interesting accent, stretch ceilings day and night will be an original and practical solution. Elegance combined with exclusive design will make any room special. Experimenting with styles and colors, everyone will be able to choose the design to their liking.

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