Stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are the most modern design option and are very popular. Made of durable PVC film, they are attached to the perimeter of the room using a system of profiles.

Stretch ceilings

Your ideas & our experience

Size — from bathroom to shopping mall

Form — from simple plane to multilevel & 3D

Material — matt, satin & lacquered

Plain colors & full color prints

Stretch ceilings with starry sky

Day-Night effect — to prints on one ceiling

Built-in lights & hidden backlight

Acoustic comfort & sound isolation

More than 160 colors & textures

In comparison with other types of finishing stretch ceilings have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • They do not let moisture in and can withstand a large volume of water (up to 100 kg/m²) in case of flooding.
  • After drying, the material takes its initial shape without any problems. This is why they are particularly relevant for bathrooms.
  • Stretch ceilings do not require special maintenance. Furthermore, they do not attract dust. It is sufficient to wipe them with a soft cloth as needed.
  • he longevity of the materials will allow for many years without replacing the ceilings.
  • Installation is fast and does not require radical movements of furniture. Usually the whole process takes no more than 2-3 hours.

A variety of surface designs will emphasize the style of the room and create your own unique image. Depending on your preferences, you can limit yourself to a laconic classic or show your imagination by playing with images and textures.

Healthy even for children’s rooms

Excellent value for money and quality

Minimal care is required

Quick production & installation

Safe fire rate Bs2d0

10-years warranty

According to the type of surface tension ceilings are three main types:

Glossy. They have many color options and allow you to visually expand the room. Possess high reflective properties, due to which they create a feeling of free space. It is this variant of design of ceilings is the most widespread and unpretentious in maintenance.

Matt. These stretch ceilings combine perfectly with the classic style of the interior and look like a surface covered with plaster. At the same time, the installation will take much less time than standard finishing work.

Satin . They are distinguished by their unusual texture and are often chosen as a more stylish alternative to glossy. They look less flashy and defiant, do not accentuate themselves, while gently reflecting the light. Often satin stretch ceilings are chosen to decorate the bedroom, where the interior is the most refined.

A wide variety of possible designs, environmental friendliness and durability allow the use of stretch ceilings for a variety of rooms. They will be appropriate both in the apartment and in large sales rooms, where the combination of practicality and beauty is particularly important.

Stretch ceilings features

Can be mixed

Lacquered stretch ceilings

Matt- & Satin ceilings

3D ceilings

Ceilings with prints

Day & Night Prints

Starry sky

Perforated ceilings

Acoustic ceilings

Illuminated ceilings, hidden backlight, custom lights

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