Stretch ceilings or wall panel-pictures with art-printing is a sort of modern ceiling or wall painting.

With the help of large-format printing we can create stretch ceilings or wall panel-pictures of any kind. Saros design has three major plotters for printing pictures with the solution 1440 dpi.

wall panel-pictures with art-printing

There are two different technologies used for such printing:

Eco-Solvent printing

Stretch ceilings with art-printing are in conformity with all hygienic standards and are approved for usage in closed spaces. This printing is light- and moisture-resistant.

Such printing can be done on the following surfaces:

  • matte textures with widths of 200, 270 and 320cm depending on the width of the PVC film roll (maximum distance between the joints is 355cm)
  • satin textures with widths of 200 and 320cm (maximum distance between the joints is 355cm)
  • lacquered textures with widths of 180 and 200cm (maximum distance between the joints is 218cm)
  • lacquered textures with widths of 270 and 320cm (maximum distance between the joints is 355 cm). Suitability for printing is determined upon inquiry.
  • semitransparent textures OT with width of 200cm (maximum distance between the joints is 218 cm)

UV-printing (ultraviolet printing)

For UV-printing we use special ink, which solidify under ultraviolet rays and immediately form a membrane and becomes firmly fixed on the surface of a ceiling. The process of UV-printing allows to make a full-color pictures with high resolution on any surface (metal, wood, ceramics, cloth, glass, mirror glass, plastic and other). Printing on uneven and ribbed surfaces is also possible.

Stretch ceilings with art-printing

The advantages of UV-printing:

  • high vividness of color, especially on semitransparent textures OT, smooth transition of highlights and sharpness of the picture.
  • special white ink that is used as base layer allows to print any pictures onto the colored PVC films (for instance, color printing on black paint)
  • it does not take any time for drying as the ink momentarily solidifies under the UV rays, therefore there is no risk for colors to accidentally mix with each other.
  • the most eco-friendly way for using printing in closed spaces.
  • Maximum width of printing is 500cm
  • Possibility of making custom orders for printing on any solid materials up to 6cm in thickness.

Our topical catalogue with pictures has more than 2000 illustrations (to learn more click 'Download Catalogues').

Stretch ceilings with art-printing