Optimal selection of lighting solutions for a room is an important factor for creating comfort, wellbeing and an atmosphere of concentrated work. Balanced lighting of a room can be created in such a way so as to highlight selected objects in space. This allows to implement special design concept or atmosphere in a room. Right lighting solution at an office or any other working places can increase concentration, lower tenseness (in cases of intense computer work), divide space into different work zones and many others.

Saros Design has developed lighting solutions for wide spaces, offices or private interiors. Saros Design uses illuminated ceilings and lighting systems of their own design. Saros Design manufactures these elements at its own facilities.

We design lighting solutions for the following facilities:

  • Offices
  • Shopping display area
  • Car dealer centers
  • Exhibition halls and stands
  • Museums
  • Conference halls
  • Hospitals and doctors’ premises
  • Sports centers
  • Private houses and apartments

We are constantly working on the improvement of our products. Following that we would like to invite companies, working in the sphere of lighting technologies to cooperate with us on joint projects.